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Gaming and Animation picking up steam in Pakistan

Tweet Pakistani game developers are increasingly in the news. It seems that over the past couple of years, an entire sub-industry has been created out of thin air. Given the political and economic context, this is nothing short of remarkable. Prior to the new all-star lineup featuring companies such as Mindstorm Studios,, TinTash, Tkxel [...]

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Systems Ltd. signs app development contract with Government of Pakistan

Tweet Business may or may not be slowing up in the US, but software companies certainly seem to be picking up customers in Pakistan at a regular clip. On the heels of several ERP implementations by Aisha Steel, Dow University and others, Systems Ltd. has now announced that the Government of Pakistan’s welfare arm, Bait-ul-Maal, [...]

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Netsol market-cap down to $17M – why is no one picking it up?

Tweet I threw out a hypothetical question a few months ago. At the time, Netsol had a greatly diminished $24M market cap and I was wondering why a private company like Systems Ltd. wouldn’t just buy Netsol, consolidate, streamline, take it private and grow the business. If I was casually wondering then, I’m keenly curious [...]

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At 93c a share and a market cap of only $24M, Netsol should be bought by Systems Ltd.

Tweet Going public can be a knife that cuts both ways. Sure, you get immediate access to lots of capital and liquidity. And yes, as a management team, frankly, you get to tell people you’re the cat’s whiskers for having led your company through an IPO. But, in times when fear is the domninant sentiment [...]

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Aezaz Hussain hits one out of the park with Systems earnings announcement

Tweet We covered Systems Ltd. in the past and also focused a little on the group’s diversified activities across services, animation and product development. The recent Systems Ltd. board meeting was a welcome surprise to shareholders. The company announced 24% YoY revenue growth, a 60% bonus and 20% cash dividend. For those unfamiliar with Pakistani [...]

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Systems Ltd. wins Innovation award at Integration World in California

Tweet A product built by Systems Ltd., Pakistan’s oldest and largest software company, just won a Customer Innovation Award at the annual Integration World conference, held this year in California. The product that won the award was related to Financial Services; the “Title Insurance and Settlement Services” platform. The customer was Lender’s First Choice. We’ve [...]

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