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TechLahore’s Predictions for 2012

Tweet 2012 is going to be a very interesting year. Elections are coming up in two very important countries, Pakistan (in early 2013) and the United States (2012). The US’ confrontation with Iran has both countries making threats and accusations and heading in a direction that seems to be escalatory. Further, the US has retreated [...]

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Evaluating TechLahore’s Predictions for 2011

Tweet We’ve been publishing since 2007 and TechLahore is hence not exactly a “new” blog. As institutions age, they accrue tradition, and TechLahore is no different. Our December evaluations of the past year’s predictions have been happening now for the past several years. In January, we’ll follow-up with a new set of predictions for 2012. [...]

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The Power of Distribution

Tweet I was in the US on a business trip when I walked into one of my favourite grocery stores over a lazy’ish weekend. This was a large regional chain that has hundreds of locations and huge stores. The variety of products they carry is pretty wide ranging and I usually find I can get [...]

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TechLahore’s Predictions for 2011

Tweet I just have a good feeling about 2011. I think it’s going to be a great year. I’ve thought a lot about where the optimism is coming from, and I don’t think it’s all subjective. Very important things happened in 2010, such as the incredibly pivotal visit by the Chinese Premier to Pakistan, Pakistan’s [...]

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Will WindowsPhone 7 dent the iPhone, Android, Blackberry oligopoly?

Tweet The decline of Windows Mobile in the last few years is one of the most confusing, frustrating and inexplicable tech stories of the past decade. After becoming *the* smartphone operating system, besting Palm, Handspring and even RIM, Microsoft apparently went into a coma. They failed to keep up with emerging competition, like the Apple [...]

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Stuff about the iPad that sucks… TechLahore’s conclusions thus-far

Tweet For those of you who are not fully up to speed with the plot, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley try to escape the Island in a stolen sailboat… no wait, that’s the wrong plot. We’re not talking about Lost here, we’re discussing the iPad! So, last week I told you about the iPad I [...]

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TechLahore’s prediction about Palm comes true – Palm bought for $1.2B by HP

Tweet This news doesn’t make me particularly happy, because a great, innovative company that pioneered the handheld market has been gobbled up today for a paltry sum that may be less than the value of its patents alone. But I have to say, I did see this one coming. Almost two years ago I predicted [...]

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TechLahore buys an iPad

Tweet Those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that I have been tracking the iPad since many moons. I even promised I would go and buy it when it came out despite my abhorrence of Apple and its closed, uber controlling policies. Well, Steve Jobs is now several hundred [...]

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TechLahore’s Predictions for 2010

Tweet I recently evaluated the predictions from last year. In a nutshell, I was about 80% correct. 2009 has certainly been filled with unique challenges, both at a global and national level. We’re all hopeful the future holds better things, and on that subject, I’ll share with you what I think will go down in 2010. [...]

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The Apple Tablet is one Apple product I *will* buy… if it's real, of course.

Tweet Generally speaking, I don’t like Apple. I’ve made that pretty clear. That said, there is one Apple product I am interested in. And yes, if they come out with it soon enough, I’ll buy it. If you haven’t guessed already, that product is the yet-unnamed Apple Tablet. True, the Apple Tablet has been a famed [...]

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