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Evaluating TechLahore’s Predictions for 2011

Tweet We’ve been publishing since 2007 and TechLahore is hence not exactly a “new” blog. As institutions age, they accrue tradition, and TechLahore is no different. Our December evaluations of the past year’s predictions have been happening now for the past several years. In January, we’ll follow-up with a new set of predictions for 2012. [...]

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A flood of ultra-cheap Netbooks & Tablets hits Pakistan

Tweet We’ve been discussing low cost Netbooks and Tablets for the last several years here at TechLahore, and we’ve always felt that the mainstreaming of these devices will be a huge force in democratizing communications, access and learning in the developing world. In 2007 and through 2008, we were tracking Nicholas Negroponte’s much ballyhooed Sugar [...]

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The $100 Laptop is finally here. But it isn't Sugar.

Tweet For over two years now, we’ve been covering the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) saga. Brave Prof. Negroponte embarked on this adventure years ago and after much wrangling with corporations, the loss of his CTO and other staffers, and cost over-runs, the OLPC Sugar still hasn’t quite hit that $100 number. For a while, [...]

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Some interesting facts about India's $10 laptop

Tweet There’s been a lot of press lately about India’s “$10″ laptop. Before many details were available, it was hailed as a great stride forward in systems design and we were all anxious to learn what groundbreaking innovations had enabled a laptop to¬† be built so cheaply. As more has come out in the open [...]

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Hogging memory the Firefox way!

Tweet Check this screen snapshot out. I captured it a minute ago. At times I want to take Firefox out with a friggin’ laser beam. Doesn’t matter whether I open more tabs or close them, Firefox continues to increase its memory consumption. In a time where low-cost computing promises to become a reality, and where [...]

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