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Send all of Pakistan to MIT!

Tweet Someday, someone in an appropriately empowered government position in Pakistan needs to take a bold step forward and break through the bureaucracy and red tape government is despised for. There are so many incredibly high value, low cost initiatives to take up in areas as diverse as agriculture, education, energy and information technology that the shortage [...]

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Maker Faire Post #3: The Importance of exposing children to creativity

Tweet It took me longer to resume posting about the Maker Faire, my apologies for that. What I wanted to focus on in this post is the creative atmosphere that exists at a convention like the Maker Faire and the importance of exposing children to constructive and positive experiences such as this. I know how [...]

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Maker Faire Post #1: The Importance of Innovation

Tweet We traveled to Austin, TX to see Makers do their thing at the Maker Faire. For those who don’t know about Makers, Make magazine or the DIY revolution, you should certainly find out more about it! Tim O’Reilly, who is generally good at spotting trends early, latched on to this one a couple of [...]

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