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TechLahore’s Predictions for 2012

Tweet 2012 is going to be a very interesting year. Elections are coming up in two very important countries, Pakistan (in early 2013) and the United States (2012). The US’ confrontation with Iran has both countries making threats and accusations and heading in a direction that seems to be escalatory. Further, the US has retreated [...]

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Five Hot Idea Memes for Startups in 2011

Tweet Rafe Needleman at C|net just published an interesting piece on the best startup ideas from 2011. Net-net, he says the following trends made it big through a variety of startups: 1) A focus on bringing technology to the physical world: Products that reach outside the digital realm and enable interactions with the physical world in [...]

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The Importance of SEO and SEM for Startups in Pakistan: A Short Tutorial

Tweet Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and its sister area of expertise, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are incredibly important for most technology startups. In fact, for any kind of online retailer of physical or virtual goods. The bulk of traffic at most websites comes from organic search, or in other words, when users plug-in keywords [...]

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This is why I loathe Apple (most of the time anyway)

Tweet I absolutely hate people trying to get into my business and attempting to limit my freedom. That applies to politics, business and equally, to technology. One of the main reasons I’ve never been an Apple fan – and never will be – is the fact that they engender a culture of suffocating control over [...]

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Six reasons why Google's Chrome OS announcement is HUGE

Tweet This is massive news for the IT industry by any measure. It had been anticipated for a long time and feverishly denied by Google every time speculations appeared in the press. However, they’ve come out and admitted it now. Google is busy at work building their very own desktop for mainstream desktops, netbooks and [...]

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Pakistani users outdo all others in contributing data to Google MapMaker

Tweet Here at TechLahore, we’ve covered GIS in Pakistan a few times in the past. We’ve even reviewed indigenous Pakistan mapping services, such as Google is obviously still the undisputed champion of open source GIS/mapping and satellite imagery. But where they have been found lacking in the past is the paucity of street maps [...]

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