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Send all of Pakistan to MIT!

Tweet Someday, someone in an appropriately empowered government position in Pakistan needs to take a bold step forward and break through the bureaucracy and red tape government is despised for. There are so many incredibly high value, low cost initiatives to take up in areas as diverse as agriculture, education, energy and information technology that the shortage [...]

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A flood of ultra-cheap Netbooks & Tablets hits Pakistan

Tweet We’ve been discussing low cost Netbooks and Tablets for the last several years here at TechLahore, and we’ve always felt that the mainstreaming of these devices will be a huge force in democratizing communications, access and learning in the developing world. In 2007 and through 2008, we were tracking Nicholas Negroponte’s much ballyhooed Sugar [...]

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Systems Ltd. signs app development contract with Government of Pakistan

Tweet Business may or may not be slowing up in the US, but software companies certainly seem to be picking up customers in Pakistan at a regular clip. On the heels of several ERP implementations by Aisha Steel, Dow University and others, Systems Ltd. has now announced that the Government of Pakistan’s welfare arm, Bait-ul-Maal, [...]

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