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TechLahore’s Predictions for 2012

Tweet 2012 is going to be a very interesting year. Elections are coming up in two very important countries, Pakistan (in early 2013) and the United States (2012). The US’ confrontation with Iran has both countries making threats and accusations and heading in a direction that seems to be escalatory. Further, the US has retreated [...]

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Evaluating TechLahore’s Predictions for 2011

Tweet We’ve been publishing since 2007 and TechLahore is hence not exactly a “new” blog. As institutions age, they accrue tradition, and TechLahore is no different. Our December evaluations of the past year’s predictions have been happening now for the past several years. In January, we’ll follow-up with a new set of predictions for 2012. [...]

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Pakistan’s foreign reserves rise to all time high of $18.25B

Tweet There’s been a flurry of economy related news about Pakistan recently, and we’ve tried to hit the highlights at least. Another positive development is the substantial growth in Pakistan’s foreign reserve position which has now reached an all time historic high of $18.25B. This increase is due to many factors, the two most important [...]

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Four pieces of good news for the Pakistani Economy

Tweet There’s quite a bit to feel good about with respect to the recent news regarding the Pakistani economy. Here is a quick summary: 1) When the floods hit, there was widespread reporting that the budget deficit would hit 7% and in fact, some commentators from across the border even speculated that it would reach [...]

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Karachi Stock Exchange says loud “meh” to the media and closes at 3 1/2 month high

Tweet With all the nonsense in the press since May 2, you would think the world was about to come to an end. But no. As usual, the NY Times and WaPo have about as much credibility on the subject of Pakistan as do the predictions of that nutcase  Denver based right-wing priest, Harold Camping, [...]

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TechLahore’s Predictions for 2011

Tweet I just have a good feeling about 2011. I think it’s going to be a great year. I’ve thought a lot about where the optimism is coming from, and I don’t think it’s all subjective. Very important things happened in 2010, such as the incredibly pivotal visit by the Chinese Premier to Pakistan, Pakistan’s [...]

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Evaluating TechLahore’s Predictions for 2010

Tweet Back in December 2009, I had come up with a list of predictions for 2010. I may have gotten a little lucky this year, because many of these predictions were spot-on to an uncanny degree. Here’s how I fared: Political predictions I don’t see Asif Zardari making it through 2010. I think he will [...]

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KSE heads north once more – crosses 10,000

Tweet The KSE’s experienced some ups and downs lately. Perhaps not as extreme as the Dow rollercoaster, but ups and downs nonetheless. It’s good to see there’s some positive movement now and there’s been a consistent recovery from the dip we saw a couple of months ago. The run-up has allowed the index to comfortably [...]

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Latest Economist shows positive signs for Pakistan’s economy

Tweet I was browsing The Economist at a book store the other day and habitually jumped to the last few pages that showcase economic data and indicators from a number of different countries. Pakistan is one of the countries they cover, along with other asian economies such as China and India. The April 2010 data [...]

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Bloomberg says Pakistan’s stocks cheapest in Asia, may rise by 23% by end 2010

Tweet The KSE has been a star performer for many years, and despite the dips in 2009 – mostly due to the global recession and associated troubles – the exchange is back with a bang! The chart has been trending solidly upward with the KSE index breaking the 10,500 pt psychological barrier and establishing a [...]

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