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Send all of Pakistan to MIT!

Tweet Someday, someone in an appropriately empowered government position in Pakistan needs to take a bold step forward and break through the bureaucracy and red tape government is despised for. There are so many incredibly high value, low cost initiatives to take up in areas as diverse as agriculture, education, energy and information technology that the shortage [...]

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Information Technology Venture Capital is Dead – Part I

Tweet Accuse me all you want for having an alarming title like the above, but I’m sticking to my guns. A lot is wrong with the venture model in general, but the malaise that has afflicted IT VC has reached an incurable situation. I’ll summarize what I see happening and then explain it all a [...]

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Don't miss UET's Open Source Workshops

Tweet Lahore’s University of Engineering & Technology and its student science society are putting together a number of Open Source Workshops on the 22nd of March. If you’re in Lahore, and into Open Source technology, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend. Registration is free and topics include everything from building scalable web based [...]

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