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All Hail, our Robot Overlords!

Tweet You KNOW it’s going to happen! We can either extend our own biological capabilities by tapping into the science and innovation fuelling robotics and AI, or we’ll essentially become irrelevant. I’m not the only one saying it. Ray Kurzweil‘s been on this bandwagon for a while, in fact, I think he’s behind the wheel! [...]

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IBM/Dept. of Energy's Roadrunner Supercomputer achieves a petaflop, but no Singularity yet

Tweet There’s too much background to this headline for me to bring you up to speed in a short blog post. Suffice to say, one of my favourite authors and an all round Bright Guy, Ray Kurzweil, wrote a series of books culminating in his latest work, “The Singularity is Near“. In these books Ray [...]

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