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Venture troubles worsen in Q1 '09; investments down by 50%, funds getting smaller

Tweet We┬árecently covered the trials and tribulations of the Venture industry and hypothesized that perhaps it is curtains for the VC industry as we’ve known it over the past few decades. Well, here’s some more on the same. In a new report published by Dow Jones’ VentureSource, new investments are down 50% . In Q4 [...]

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Information Technology Venture Capital is Dead – Part II

Tweet So let’s continue where we left off a few days ago. If you need to catch up with the first part of this article, simply click here. For those of you who are up to speed, let’s charge forth. We’ve already looked at how the diminishing importance of large amounts of capital have made [...]

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Why VCs aren't investing in Pakistani companies

Tweet While there are a couple of exceptions to the implication in the headline, WebLo and Scrybe for instance, it does appear to be generally true. Pakistani companies are not attracting venture attention in general. Sure, you may have a few founders comfortable with the Bay Area scene making their case effectively and pulling money [...]

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