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Riots break out in India again, Obama slams Bombay, firms losing revenue… what's next for IT in India?

Tweet The going hasn’t been very good for Indian IT firms recently. First, there was the Satyam scandal which exposed many of the fundamental issues with Indian IT companies, corporate espionage, board level corruption, scamming of shareholders etc. Then, what was left of Satyam was to be taken over by a Government-appointed board, but there [...]

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Welcome to WiMax, India! (Better late than never): Your Friendly Neighbour

Tweet More than a year after Pakistan announced the world’s largest WiMax network, India is following suit with a somewhat modest 200,000 user deployment. Tata group will be investing $500M over 3 years to build out a WiMax infrastructure primarily for commercial use. In Pakistan, the magnitude of WiMax adoption has been far more significant. [...]

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