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New real estate site focuses on listings for bachelors

Tweet Tariq Khan, Founder of ArziRehaish contacted me recently, asking if I would help him promote his new startup. I’m always game for promoting local entrepreneurs as long as they can clearly articulate their ideas, convince me about their value proposition and generally excite me about their ultimate market potential. After quite a bit of [...]

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Human Capital woes in the Pakistani IT Industry

Tweet The software industry in Pakistan is still nascent. We started off with grandiose visions, poor execution and bureaucratic nonsense but, to be fair, we’re since covered considerable ground. You may recall that it was Benazir Bhutto, when she was PM, who loudly proclaimed that we would quickly – and magically – build a double [...]

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Mobile game development in Pakistan: An interview with Umair Javed, CEO of TkXel

Tweet I’m pretty bullish on this move towards product development in the Pakistani software industry. We’ve recently covered a number of up and coming startups that are working on exciting technology, going direct to the end customer and trying to ┬ámove beyond the sometimes-boring “software thaykaydaari”… Just recently, we had Hassan Baig from Islamabad based [...]

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Startups in Pakistan: Getting the mindset right

Tweet The following is a guest post submitted by Hassan Baig of Islamabad-based, White Rabbit. More about the author at the end of the post. Foreword: Social psychologists have long known that any social set-up has a tendency to stifle dissenting voices and bring about conformity. This tendency, seen in the context of the tech [...]

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LUMS students launch an internet based radio station

Tweet I recently heard from Farrukh Jawed over at LUMS. He wrote to me excitedly about a project that he and his LUMS compadres have been working on for quite some time now. No, it’s not a souped up dialup network for people in developing countries, or a submission to an MIT contest. It’s actually [...]

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Is Pakistan the best place on earth to launch a Web 2.0 company?

Tweet Quite possibly. I started thinking along these lines when a hot-shot American investment banker friend mentioned that “70% of the US’ GDP is consumer driven”. That much, huh?! It’s no secret that THE key point of interaction for consumer businesses is now the web. In fact, most Web 2.0 companies are consumer focused, even [...]

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