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Pakistan Emerging – Part I

Tweet It’s been a while since I wrote about how I see Pakistan’s macro situation developing. Even though the noise in the media about Pakistan has died down considerably over the past year or so, you still come across oddities now and then that make you wonder how mainstream publications can put across nonsense that couldn’t be [...]

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Pakistan and Turkey to collaborate on $20B rail link. Pakistan to connect to the EU via train.

Tweet For all the negative crap in the media about Pakistan, you wouldn’t know news from reality until you kept your eye on the massive economic and infrastructure deals Pakistan’s been busy inking! Pakistan and Turkey, in particular, have really stepped up joint projects in the recent past. I’ve been trying to keep up with various civil [...]

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How to shoot yourself in the foot: A short tutorial by the Government of Israel

Tweet Sometimes individuals pursue self-destructive policies, sometimes companies do. But on this occasion, the Government of Israel shows us how to lose all your friends in no time flat! Watch the Israeli government and learn what NOT to do: Turth be told, this Danny Aylon  character (aka Insolent Jackass), the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, is [...]

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