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Pakistani Computer Scientist wins global Supercomputer Design Award

Tweet Pakistan has produced a lot of computer science talent that is powering not only our local industry but also academia and research. As they are incredibly interesting and important areas, distributed systems, parallelism and supercomputing have attracted the attention of many of our brightest stars. These areas have almost been fused together lately, with [...]

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Job opportunities for ex-pat hardware engineers in Lahore, Pakistan

Tweet I often get emails from readers that I try to respond to as quickly as possible. A couple of weeks ago, my Inbox binged with an interesting question from an un-named Pakistani hardware engineer (aka Batman). Batman is originally from Lahore but is presently working in Austin, Texas. I thanked Batman for his email [...]

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Instant Virus Killer: An anti-virus product made in Pakistan

Tweet Here’s a piece of trivia for you. Do you know who wrote the very first virus for PCs? (Not anti-virus, but virus) It was a group of Pakistanis. Much of the credit is given to Amjad and Basit Alvi, but those who were connected to the duo say it was actually Ashar Nisar, their [...]

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Don't miss UET's Open Source Workshops

Tweet Lahore’s University of Engineering & Technology and its student science society are putting together a number of Open Source Workshops on the 22nd of March. If you’re in Lahore, and into Open Source technology, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend. Registration is free and topics include everything from building scalable web based [...]

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